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Formed in the quiet northern California foothills in 2016, Nevada City’s, Park Street Riot, has continually pushed their own sonic edge, establishing themselves as one of the most dynamic, powerful, and energetic new bands to emerge from the greater-Sacramento area.

Their debut self-titled record released in March 2019 and recorded by Tim Green at Louder Studios (Bikini Kill, Melvins, Joanna Newson), is a testament to the songwriting prowess of frontwoman Marielle Walker, as well as the groups varied individual influences and musicianship.

With a cohesive and catchy blend of garage rock, psychedelia, and early 2000’s alternative, Park Street Riot’s live show is incomparably heavy and compelling, laced through with the melancholic and emotional raw power of Walker’s natural rock tenor, as well as the melodic and thunderous rhythmic foundations of Ryan Donnelly, Alex Scribner, and Ryan Sheridan.

Lyrically, Walker confronts themes of loss, existential dread, and small town hedonism with an emotional rawness and wry wit that naturally expresses the many dualities present in our misunderstood human nature. In the current sea of cheap rock monotony, Park Street Riot’s music shines as a strange and exceptional jewel, bringing forth a realness and honesty representative of their own personal friendship and backwoods home.

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